BioSoyl Plus®

BioSoyl Plus®

BioSoyl Plus® is an organic-based dust binder, formulated for long-term dust control on unpaved roads.

Thanks to the binding properties of the resin, BioSoyl Plus® manages to penetrate the natural surface of the treated road, binding the soil particles together, thus creating a consolidated layer free of dust, resistant to heavy loads and rain.

BioSoyl Plus® is indicated in the treatment of control dust on runways or quarries where traffic is very heavy and intense or on any natural surface where dust can create problems for people, crops and machinery.

The formulation of BioSoyl Plus® allows to increase the resistance of the road surface, making it more stable, avoiding erosion, potholes, depressions and dust that would require the intervention of operators to restore the surface.

Main characteristics
  • organic based
  • it is not washed away by rain
  • remains active for a long time
  • once installed it is immediately accessible to vehicles
  • totally respectful of the environment
  • easy and quick to apply
  • applicable to any aggregate
Eco-friendly product particularly suitable for
  • construction sites
  • steelworks
  • landfills
  • quarries
  • campsites
  • farms
  • road construction sites and car parks

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