Green Stab Pave ®

Green Stab Pave ® 

Green Stab Pave® is an eco-friendly liquid stabilizing agent formulated for the treatment of any poor soil even with a high content of fines (silt and clay) in order to improve the resistance and bearing characteristics over time in dry and wet conditions.

Green Stab Pave® is an active agent that removes most of the absorbed water trapped between soil particles. At the same time, the electrochemical effect and correct compaction orient the soil particles bringing them closer to each other in such a way that the “interlocking” process becomes almost perfect, allowing the treated materials to resist extreme loads, so permanent.

Green Stab Pave® is used in both single and multiple layers for the stabilization of roads, railway lines, commercial and military airports, reinforced lands and in a variety of other projects where a higher degree of compaction is required. Green Stab Pave® allows eliminate the costs of supplying new land by allowing the reuse of any earthy material and improve the working conditions of operators as being liquid there are no harmful emissions of dust.

Main characteristics
  • totally non-toxic
  • does not transmit heat
  • fireproof – maintains soil permeability
  • does not change the color of the ground treated thus leaving a color natural to the flooring in compliance the environmental characteristics of the site
  • allows the use of all types of UNI 11531-1 aggregate
  • increases compression failure values UNI EN 13286-41 CNR B.U. 29/72
  • increases CBR UNI EN 13286-47 values
  • the only eco stabilizer compatible liquid present on the market for over 25 years
  • Can be applied with multiple equipment (milling machine, pulvimixer, sprinkling with barrel, vibro paver)
  • has a more elastic structure than hydraulic binders
  • does not require joints
  • significantly reduces the maintenance costs
  • salt resistant, mixable with both fresh and salt water
  • the soil used with the GREEN STAB PAVE® is not considered waste
  • improves the conditions of work of the installers as it is NOT powdery
  • the installation must be carried out with constant temperatures above 6°, in the absence of rain or humidity
  • certified non-hazardous by transfer test in the stratum
Eco-friendly product particularly suitable for
  • applications in protected sites such as national parks
  • regional roads with light or heavy traffic in rural areas
  • agricultural and forestry areas
  • pedestrian and cycle paths
  • car parks
  • stabilization of construction sites archaeological sites reinforced soil landing strips

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Technical Data

The graphs compare the results obtained in the stabilization of soil classified A6 treated with both Green Ways® solution and lime.
grafico A6
Grafico A6
Grafico A6
Grafico A6