Natural beauty


We care about the environment, because only thanks to this we can feel good.

The innovative and eco- friendly solutions for soil stabilization proposed by Green Ways® have been used to treat soil successfully throughout the world for over 45 years, as an alternative to conventional binders.

The Green Ways® proposals have been studied and adopted all over the world since 1975 for their ease of application on any type of soil , for any type of traffic and environmental situation.

All our solutions are able to improve the geo-technical load-bearing characteristics of the “C.B.R.” UNI EN 13286-47 and strength compression UNI EN13286/41 of the treated soils in both dry and wet conditions maintaining the permeability and natural color of the soil, allowing the reuse of the native soils , reducing costs for the excavation and disposal and subsequent supply of aggregates from the quarry, safeguarding the territory and the landscape as well as drastically reducing the production of CO2 due to the numerous loads of soil brought back to the construction site.

For all applications, analyzes of the soil subject to stabilization at certified geotechnical laboratories will be crucial to determine the best solution that can be adopted in the specific case.