SOIL-SEMENT Engineered Formula 69 PBc EU is a water-based polymer, realised with nano-technology which is part of the family of the SOIL-SEMENT ENGINEERED FORMULA, that has been in the world market since 1975.

SOIL-SEMENT ENGINEERED FORMULA, thanks to its molecular chain, is able to stabilize any kind of aggregate/soil recommended for roadwork constructions, pedestrian/cycling paths or parking lots in places where it is prohibited to use asphalt or cement-based products, out of respect for the surrounding environment.

SOIL-SEMENT ENGINEERED FORMULA is, in fact, known all around the world as being a non-dangerous product that is also eco-friendly to both animals and plants. A proof of this is its use in particularly protected sites, such as National or Province Parks, forests, valuable monuments, archaeological sites, gardens, protected areas and rural roads.

SOIL-SEMENT ENGINEERED FORMULA is used to build or restore surfaces subjected to both light and heavy traffic by using natural aggregates, whether they be on site or transported.

SOIL-SEMENT ENGINEERED FORMULA is available in different formulas, suggested based on the specific project’s problems, transportation loads and local temperatures. Green Ways is able to offer formulas which are aimed to specific problems.


  • It is entirely non-toxic
  • It is transparent so it does not alter the natural colours of the soils when they are treated
  • It is a highly elastic polymeric, so it does not crack and it does not require joints
  • It can be used on any kind of soil, both on site and borrowed, making it possible to lower the supplying costs
  • It increases the soil’s resistance to compression UNI EN 13286 values and its bearing capacity “C.B.R.” UNI EN 13286-47 values in both wet and dry conditions
  • It keeps the treated surfaces permeable
  • It avoids erosion and dust formation
  • It prevents mud from forming and avoids rutting in case of rain
  • It is not corrosive
  • It does not transfer heat
  • It is fire-resistant
  • It allows to build surfaces which can be 7 to 20 cm in thickness
  • It makes it possible to reduce natural pavements’ regular maintenance cycles
  • It is easy to apply
  • Treated soils can be re-used

Ideal for

cycling paths
rural and forest roads
agriculture roads
construction sites paths
embankment roads
golf paths and parking lots

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