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Soil Sement ® Engineered Formula

Product compliant with the requirements of the Minimum Environmental Criteria Construction – Minimum Environmental Criteria Urban Furniture

Soil Sement ® Engineered Formula

Product compliant with the requirements of the Minimum Environmental Criteria Construction – Minimum Environmental Criteria Urban Furniture
SOIL-SEMENT Engineered Formula 69 PBc EU is a water-based polymer, realised with nano-technology which is part of the family of the SOIL-SEMENT ENGINEERED FORMULA, that has been in the world market since 1975.

SOIL-SEMENT ENGINEERED FORMULA, thanks to its molecular chain, is able to stabilize any kind of aggregate/soil recommended for roadwork constructions, pedestrian/cycling paths or parking lots in places where it is prohibited to use asphalt or cement-based products, out of respect for the surrounding environment.

SOIL-SEMENT ENGINEERED FORMULA is, in fact, known all around the world as being a non-dangerous product that is also eco-friendly to both animals and plants. A proof of this is its use in particularly protected sites, such as National Parks, forests, valuable monuments, archaeological sites, gardens, protected areas and rural roads.

SOIL-SEMENT ENGINEERED FORMULA is used to build or restore surfaces subjected to both light and heavy traffic by using natural aggregates, whether they be on site or transported.

SOIL-SEMENT ENGINEERED FORMULA is available in different formulas, suggested based on the specific project’s problems, transportation loads and local temperatures. Green Ways is able to offer formulas which are aimed to specific problems.

Main characteristics
  • totally non-toxic
  • it does not transmit heat
  • fireproof
  • maintains soil permeability
  • does not change the color of the ground treated thus leaving a color natural to the flooring in compliance the environmental characteristics of the site
  • allows the use of all types of aggregate UNI 11531-1
  • increases compression failure values UNI EN 13286-41 CNR B.U. 29/72
  • increases CBR UNI EN 13286-47 values
  • unique eco-compatible binder liquid on the market worldwide for over 45 years
  • binds fine soil particles e therefore, in addition to stabilizing the surface road, eliminates the problem of dust as vehicles pass
  • increases the abrasion resistance of a natural terrain
  • Can be applied with multiple equipment (milling machine, pulvimixer, sprinkling with barrel, vibro paver)
  • has a more elastic structure compared to hydraulic binders
  • does not require joints
  • reduces maintenance costs
  • resistant to salt water
  • the soil used with SOIL SEMENT® ENGINEERED FORMULA is not considered a dangerous waste
  • improves the working conditions of installation workers as it is NOT dusty
  • the final sprinkling treatment is subject to wear and therefore is necessary scheduled maintenance
  • the installation must be carried out with constant temperatures above 9°, in the absence of rain or humidity
  • certified non-hazardous by transfer test in the stratum
Eco-friendly product particularly suitable for
  • in protected sites such as national and regional parks
  • light or heavy traffic roads in rural
  • agricultural and forestry areas, pedestrian and cycle paths
  • car parks
  • stabilization of construction sites
  • archaeological sites
  • It is used in inert storage areas
  • construction site roads and quarries for covering piles, in order to block the raising of dust or run-off due to atmospheric agents such as wind and rain, landing strips.

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Le prove sono state effettuate applicando la stessa quantità di soluzione per mq. su terreni di differente classificazione.È quindi molto importante effettuare test propedeutici per determinare la corretta quantità di soluzione in rapporto al risultato che si vuole ottenere.

Technical Data

Soil Sement Engineered Formula Dati
Soil Sement Engineered Formula Dati