The practice of the soil stabilization dates back to the experience of the road engineers of the Roman Empire and then expanded throughout the world and its objective is to improve the bearing and strength compression of more or less poor soil. For about 20 Over the years this practice has also spread widely in Italy.

The base and surface are often mistakenly seen as independent pavement layers.
Although both layers serve a unique and different function, their performance and functionality are closely linked to each other.

For example, a well-constructed surface layer is likely to fail prematurely if the base layer is not properly constructed

The same happen for a well-built base with a poor surface.

Our road stabilization is strategically designed to improve the two main components of a roadway: the base and the surface.

In fact, our solutions have been designed to create a single layer that replaces and reduces the multiple layers expected in conventional pavement construction, providing base load-bearing, surface resistance and reducing the number of layers.