Generally, the term “dust” refers to tiny particles (PM 10 and PM 2.5) of solid matter that can disperse in the air and settle anywhere thanks to the force of the wind. Dust can be caused by uncontrolled sources such as roads of all kinds, agricultural land, construction sites and by the storage of solid materials in piles or by their crushing.

20-30% of atmospheric dust is caused by human activities, in particular urbanization phenomena – with a negative impact on health (lung diseases) and the environment (unconditional water consumption).

Many think that dust contrasts with water, but nothing is more wrong than this; in fact, a natural surface constantly treated with water to reduce dust weakens, causing holes and producing new dust, continuously creating costs for abatement.

Green Ways® offers different solutions, tested for over 30 years all over the world, which allow us to eliminate the use of water or reduce its consumption by up to 100%, giving greater stability to the surface and reducing maintenance costs.

The solutions are divided into products to be applied with or without water, with a programmable duration through a single initial application and any additions as needed.

The advantage of these solutions is twofold, economic and environmental.

Economical because it allows you to avoid daily costs of personnel and vehicles set up for water applications and vehicle maintenance costs; environmental because it allows us to eliminate water waste.